Event News



I can’t believe that it’s December already. Where did the time go? For the last month of 2018 we have a few activities for you to participate in. 

Starting with the PER’S Lobsterfest on Saturday December 1st. At press time, there were still a few places left. If you are interested in coming and dining on awesome Maine lobster, check with the lounge servers and see if there is space. Sunday December 2nd, we are having the Elks Memorial Service at 11 AM. This moving service commemorates our fellow elks who have passed on in the last year. Please come and observe this awesome event. 

Karaoke is scheduled for Friday December 7th at 6:30 right after the Queen of Hearts drawing. Come join us for a fun time. 

The Clothe a Child program happens on Saturday December 8th. Joyce Garcia’s project starts at Walmart and ends at our lodge with the kids having lunch, seeing Santa and Mrs. Clause arriving on a firetruck. The kids also get to play games and receive a toy. All this is possible because of our Elk donations. Come see what all the fun is all about. 

Texas Hold ‘Em is scheduled for two Saturdays in December. The first date is Saturday the 15th, and the second date is Saturday the 29th . Please sign up in the lounge so we know how many tables to set up. The game starts at 1:30. 

We are having a Holiday Potluck on Wednesday the 22nd. We’re doing this in lieu of a big holiday party. We will have a sign-up sheet in the lounge, so bring one of your favorite holiday dishes and share the holiday spirit with us.  


Our lodge helped Impact of So. AZ with a “stuff a bag for Thanksgiving” project. 23 hard working Elks stuffed 250 bags to be distributed to patrons of the local food bank. Thank you to all who helped make this event such a success. Good job Elks!! 

There is still time to participate in the Adopt-A-Family program sponsored by Impact of So. AZ. We will be buying clothes, toys and art supplies for local kids in our neighborhood. I am looking for donations to add to my charity fund to help sponsor the kids. Please consider writing a check to the lodge and write Adopt-A-Family on the memo line. Thanks in advance for your participation and generous donations for this very worthy cause. 


Elk of the month: Gail Baillargeon

As I have progressed through my year in office, I have tried to identify Elks who have been major contributors to our success as a lodge. Sometimes the person I call out is quite visible to our general membership. You, the membership, can see and appreciate that person’s contributions to our lodge. This month I have chosen an individual who has operated in the background, by supporting her husband in so many functions and initiatives in the past. She helped in the early years of our lodge’s struggles. Her help in the kitchen has produced many great meals. She has been a mainstay in the support of the lodge’s management success. 

When the ER is voted into office, the stress of the office does not end with the ER, it also engulfs the mate of the office holder. Imagine having to suddenly have to chaperone and entertain strangers called the wives of the 1st Vice President and the District Deputy, or going to the National Convention to represent our lodge. What do you say, what do you wear, what gift do you buy, what do you do, in so many social functions? Well, that’s where Gail Baillargeon comes in. Gail has been instrumental in guiding and counseling ER spouses over the years. On my acquisition of the ER position, Phyllis had no idea what to expect. For a person not comfortable with public scrutiny and the expectations that would be placed on her, let’s just say she was a “bit” concerned. Gail took Phyl under her wing and helped prepare her for the First Lady’s obligations. Thank you Gail for your counsel and help for the many spouses in the duties of the First Lady, and to your long and varied service to Catalina Mountain Elks Lodge #2815!  


By Paul Slater

As most of you know Judy Humitz decided to step down as house committee chair, and I have assumed her role for the remainder of the Elk year. If you are worried about us losing Judy, don’t worry she is still staying as an important part of the house committee, thank goodness!! We all need to thank Judy for her incredible commitment to the Elks, please make sure you say thanks to her, next time you see her at the lodge. 

The Night Under the Stars was a great success, as we raised over $1400 not counting the increased bar business. We are all happy to hear that Judy will remain closely involved with the Night Under the Stars event, as it continues to be our most popular, and profitable, event of the year that the house committee coordinates. We had some suggestions for future improvements and we are already thinking of how to make next year’s event even better. 

Speaking of great talent, the O’Brien’s will be bringing their accordion talents to the lodge for our Wednesday dinner on December 12th . 

Lastly, I am looking forward to continuing the great work Judy has done over the past couple of years. I would like to focus on new ideas to bring more people to the lodge, so if you have any ideas, please don’t be shy and let me know. Of course, great ideas usually accompany a great request for help.  

Veterans Commitee

Belinda Waller

Another busy month!!! Holidays are just around the corner and the team is busy assuring the veterans are taken care of. Each year the lodge receives a list of names of veterans that will be in the hospital during the holiday season. Each veteran on our list indicates what they would like to have as a gift. Then lodge members try to fulfill their wishes. Sometimes they are easy to find and sometimes they’re not. For example I was trying to find an Eskimo doll for one of the women vet’s. I could not find one!! 

But out of the blue while shopping I started talking to two women who was also looking for Christmas items also. I told them I was trying to find Arizona Trail Mix and an Eskimo doll. One of the ladies said I think we have an Eskimo doll we will give you free. 

Just an example of the good we find in people!! And my Vet will receive her doll!! We also had a great success of collecting donations to purchase the following. 110 pair of socks, 139 pair of underwear, and 168 disposable razors. 

Our monthly collection of clothing and books was also great this month. A great big thanks to the seven Elks volunteers who helped count and bag all of the clothing and to Tom who will make two trips to deliver the clothes to the Vet’s!!  

The total credit for this month donations is $5,890.00. The nine month total $27,621. THANKS to all of you who donated!!  


Catalina Mountain Scores at State Soccer Shoot By Pat Cox

The State Soccer Shoot was held November 4, 2018 at Woods Elementary School in Tempe with an awards ceremony and lunch following at the Tempe Lodge. Two of the three District winners representing Catalina Mountain Lodge who attended the event won in their divisions. Johnathan Vegas placed 1st in the U-10 division and Cameron Ballard placed 2nd in the U-14 division. They both competed against other first-place winners in their age groups. Congratulations!  

WEBSITE News by Jim Beregi

Catalina Mountain Elks Lodge 2815

Now we have a new mailing system integrated with the Elk website. Also there are now two ways to call up the website: http://catalinaelks.com or https://elks2815.org/

If you would like to stop the mailing of the newsletter and view it online. Then  please click on the BUGLE in the page directory at the top part of the website.  On the BUGLE page you can view the Newsletter an if you want to stop the mailing fill out the form and SEND it. Thanks. 

Remember all emails from our lodge  will come from:
Catalina Mountain Elks Lodge 2815 email address:  elks2815@gmail.com  Please read them, Thanks.

Alane Asp and I are in the process of setting up the ability to take credit cards on the website for special events and dues. (it works, just need to workout the manual accounting process)

A new shared google calendar has also been setup with access from the website. The new calendar allows users to look at previous months as well as future months.  Look for it at the bottom of the first page.

Look for weekly emails for announcements and events. Remember to look for emails from:   elks2815@gmail.com with the subject “Elks Lodge 2815 News”.  

These changes should make it easy to communicate with our members. I am open to adding additional features as we move forward.