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Well, it’s already February-last month just flew by. We have some fun activities planned for this month.  

We begin with Karaoke on Friday February 1st at 6:30-right after the Q of H drawing. Come join us for a fun-filled evening of song and sometimes dance. On Saturday the 2nd, Bingo happens at 2 PM. If you haven’t joined us for these games, please do-it’s tons of fun. 

Super Bowl is on Sunday the 3rd. The lounge will open at the regular time-1 PM, and the football game starts at 4:30ish. There is a potluck that day-please sign up in the lounge for goodies-and come cheer on your favorite team-GO Rams!!! 

Now that football season is over, we are moving the Texas Hold ‘Em card games to Sundays. We have 2 games scheduled for February-the 1st is on Sunday the 10th, and the 2nd game is on Sunday the 24th. The fun starts a 1:30. Please find the sign-up sheet in the lounge and join in on the fun. 

We have a new activity to try out. It’s BUNCO. Bunco is a fun dice game that should be a blast. It is scheduled for Saturday the 16th at 1 PM. We will have some “seasoned pros” that can help those of us who have never played to learn and understand the games. Please ladies only for this round. Please join us for this new adventure. We’ll have refreshments for all participants. 

Sunday the 17th, ER Bob Kielsa and others are hosting an Elks open house. We hope to encourage new comers to our lodge by showcasing our activities and charitable actions that benefit the community. Come check it out. 

Saturday the 23rd, we have an event to benefit the AEMPArizona Elks Major Projects fund. Lisa Chavez and Cindy Weiss have a wonderful evening planned with awesome food, music, and a guest speaker from the Steele Children’s foundation. The sign-up sheet is in the lounge. Please come and support a very worthwhile cause.  


CALLING ALL ELKS!! Monday February 25th at 2 PM, we will be stuffing bags for Impact of So. AZ. We will be creating 500 bags to be distributed to all food bank patrons in the month of March. This project is made possible by not one, but two grants from our grand lodge. Please find the sign-up sheet in the lounge and join us for a very rewarding and worthwhile time. It should take about 1-1 ½ hours. I also need volunteers to help unload items, and deliver the bags to Impact. Please contact me if you are available to help with this part of the project.  

Elks of the month:

When it comes to our two monthly meetings its imperative an Exalted Ruler has back up for all positions. We have people who work and those who want to take trips and enjoy personal time with family. It has been a pleasure to have Neal Patronsky ready, willing and able to step in when needed. Neal has always been able to accommodate my requests when asked and I very much appreciate his family supporting Neal and our lodge! Thank you Neal for all your help! 

A second person to step in when needed this year is Jim Buell. Jim and his wife Kathy are new to our lodge, but not to the Elks. Jim has been through the chairs, including Exalted Ruler. In California Jim has also been a DDGER. Jim has been regularly attending our PER meetings and our twice per month membership meetings as well. I want to thank Jim for his flexibility and help during the year! 

Lastly I wish to thank Jack Baillargeon for his unwavering help working in our Degree team. Jack has been an invaluable asset to the lodge helping us initiate new members throughout the year. Thank you Jack for all your support for me and the lodge!  


By Paul Slater

Well by now, I am sure just about everyone realizes that I missed the deadline for my January article. So in addition to my February article, I am adding the January article at the end for anyone who did not read It online. 

January has been a good month for the lodge as the Wednesday dinners continue to grow rapidly, thanks to Marie’s outstanding cooking. Due to the popularity, we will stop taking reservations for the Wednesday dinner on Monday evenings. This will allow Marie to properly plan for the correct number of guests in order to keep costs down, so we can continue to offer a complete meal, including dessert for only $10. Easily the best value in town. If you do not get signed up we will not be able to guarantee that there will be a meal available to you, but we will, of course be happy to serve you should we have extras. Please remember you can always call the lodge and ask the bartender to add you on the list, up to close of business Monday. 

Be sure to check out Jan’s lodge activities article as we will be adding a new game to our Saturday’s. Bunco starts this month. It will be a ladies only event for starters, but don’t worry gentlemen, the bar will be open to give you a place to relax! 

Look out for an announcement for a spring event. We are working on ideas and some twists that will help us continue to support all the great work our lodge does for our community. Take care, Paul  

Veterans Commitee


Belinda Waller

Veterans committee continues to collect clothing. We have had additional Elk’s to join us in counting articles of clothing, shoes and toiletries. And, with the volume of clothing being donated we need the help. The month of April 2018 we had $2070.00 worth of clothing donated. That is an average count for each month. 

Get Ready!!! The month of December 2018 we receive clothing that totaled $10,230.75!!!!! A great Big Thanks to everyone who donated!!! This brings our year to date total to $52,403 and we still have two months to finish out this year. So I guess I win the bet with Bob!! Next clothing count will be February 13th 1:00 P.M. at the lodge. 

Next month, I plan to update the collection sheets and distribute them to all Catalina Elks members, so they may count the clothing when donating, and keep a copy for tax time. Thanks to all of you!! 

The Veterans Committee next project will be to assist the lodge in preparing and serving two lunches for the Wheelchair veterans, who participate in the Wheelchair Olympics. I will notify you of the dates and times of the lunches. We will need volunteers to help serve. 

I’m also working on an outing for, Blind Veteran’s. This will include a visit to the Miniature Museum and a lunch. (Not sure if they need assistants form Elks for this outing. They will let us know).  


Katie Murdoch, Executive Director

151 years ago this month, an Englishman named Charles Vivian came to New York and started a social club with his theatrical friends called the “Jolly Corks” purely for amusement purposes. When one of their members died and left behind a wife and young children, the Jolly Corks decided that along with fellowship, they needed to bring more meaning to their club through serving those in need. It was then that the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks was established, and Vivian was elected as its first leader. 

As we enter into the 151st year, I ask you to reflect upon the benevolence that this very organization was founded upon and consider supporting Arizona Elks Major Projects in our efforts to better the lives of children across our great state through the Steele Children’s Research Center and the Jack C. Warner Youth Camp. What better way to kick off this monumental year than to look back on our history and make our founders proud! If you would like to donate to AEMP and contribute to our mission of improving the lives of children, contact us at katie@azelksmp.com or (520)-326-0556.  

Happy 151th Anniversary to my fellow Elks! I say this often but it truly is an honor to be an Elk with you!  

WEBSITE News by Jim Beregi

Catalina Mountain Elks Lodge 2815

Two ways to call up the website: http://catalinaelks.com or https://elks2815.org/

If you would like to stop the mailing of the newsletter and view it online only.  Do the following--

Look for the word BUGLE at the top of the first page of the website and click on it.  Then fill in the form and click on send.  Thanks.

Remember all emails from our lodge  will come from:
Catalina Mountain Elks Lodge 2815 email address:  elks2815@gmail.com  Please read them, Thanks.

Alane Asp and I are in the process of setting up the ability to take credit cards on the website for special events and dues. (it works, just need to workout the manual accounting process)

A google calendar has also been setup with access from the website. The calendar allows users to look at previous months as well as future months.  Look for it at the bottom of the first page.

Look for weekly emails for announcements and events. Remember to look for emails from:   elks2815@gmail.com with the subject “Elks Lodge 2815 News”.  

These changes should make it easy to communicate with our members. I am open to adding additional features as we move forward.  Your suggestions are welcome.