Event News


Happy New Year!! I can’t believe it’s 2019 already. Come join us at the Elks for some good times this year. We have some events scheduled for January and February including: Karaoke is happening on Friday the 4th at 6:30 just after the Queen of Hearts drawing. It’s really a lot of fun-come down and sing or just cheer us on. 

Bar Bingo will be held on Saturday January 5th. The fun starts at 2:00. The Texas Hold ‘Em card game will be held on 2 Saturdays in January. The first one is January 12th and the second game is on Saturday the 26th. It gets going at 1:30 both days. Please sign up in the lounge so we know how many tables to set up. Remember, Texas hold ‘em will move to Sundays after football season. 

We’ve got football all January long on Sundays except for the 27th. There’s a week off before Super Bowl. We’ll open the lounge at 11:00 for football games, then the end of January into February the lounge will be open at 1:00 for you. AND, speaking of Super Bowl, we will be having a party and potluck that day. So, please join us on February the 3rd for football, food and fun. It all begins around 3:30, kick-off is at 4:30. There will be a sign-up sheet for the potluck in the lounge. 

BUNCO: did someone say Bunco?? Well, it is a social dice game played with 9 dice and a whole lot of luck. The object of the game is to accumulate points and to roll certain combinations. The winners can win prizes for such accomplishments as the highest score, lowest score, or the most buncos. We need at least 12 players-so please find the sign-up sheet in the lounge later in January. The games are scheduled for Saturday January 16th, and February 16th at 2:00 PM.  


I want to Thank everyone who helped make the “Adopt a Family” project such a success. Thanks to the folks who donated money, the shoppers and especially the wrappers-Peg, Pat and Mary Jo for the “wrap-a-thon”. We wrapped at least 120 gifts for the 20 children from 10 families. We provided clothing, toys and art supplies for each child. I know we helped make their Christmas very merry!! Here’s a photo of ER Bob, me, PER Gloria, PER Doug and Michelle from Impact delivering the presents.  


Elks of the month:

As 2018 fades out of sight I want to take this opportunity to recognize Elks who are responsible for what and where we are today as a lodge. On October 14th, 2000 the Elks National Headquarters issued a Charter, thus establishing the existence of Catalina Mountain Elks Lodge #2815. 

For all of us who were not involved with the lodge until 2005, or later, we/I really can’t relate to the struggles associated with bringing the lodge into existence. If you talk to some of these “Founding Members” you will hear stories of meetings in a pizza place, and various other locations that would allow them to use space for meetings. They carried the ritual equipment in their cars to meetings. Then, there’s the three car garage where they practiced their rituals. If you wanted a beer, people would buy a case, bring it to the lodge, donate it, then buy it back to put money in the bank. 

When our founders found our building they sold bonds to some of our members to help in the purchase of our present facility. Then they attacked the grease on the floor, the dirt and trash throughout the building, took out the garage doors and closed up the building, sheet rocked and painted and put in a floor. They built two restrooms and the kitchen and then went to work on the lounge area. Most of this work was completed by our founders. 

When you look around and see the lodge buildings, the bar and our ancillary structures, you have to marvel at the hard financial, physical and emotional determination it took to get us to where we are today. 

For eighteen years we have all enjoyed the camaraderie of people we have met here at the lodge and who became our friends. As an Elks lodge we have contributed to many people in our community, especially children, in a variety of ways; e.g. eye exams and glasses, Christmas shopping sprees, food bank contributions, summer school food, holiday meals, summer mountain camp, sports, scholarships, school supplies, drug awareness, and The Steele Children’s Research Center, and new this year will be an Easter shopping spree. We also generously support our veterans by contributing to the Blind Veterans, the Fisher House, Homeless Veterans hospitalized veterans and Wheelchair Veterans. 

We have contributed a great deal to our community because of the establishment of our lodge by a number of Elks who I want to thank for their dedication and hard work! Thank you for steering us and keeping us on track to become what Catalina Mountain Elks Lodge #2815 is today! I would love to name names but those “Founding Members” know who they are. 

I just want them to know what a great job they started eighteen years ago and to say THANK YOU all for all those years of dedication and hard work! 


By Paul Slater


Happy New Year, Elks!! It is hard to believe that 2018 is over and we are only 1 year away from the “roaring 20s”. 2018 was a great year for the lounge as revenues were up more than 50% and profitability was up as well. A huge thank you to everyone that supports and enjoys the bar and our fantastic Bartenders. We all need to thank Judy for assembling, what is easily, the best bartending team in NW Tucson!! Ricky, Kathy, and Marie are a great first impression to visitors to our lodge as well as a friendly face to the regulars. I am equally excited to have Rhiannon McMahon as a backup to ensure that the lounge is always taken care of by these great bartenders.

Part of our outstanding financial results are in part to the incredible job that Harry and Pam Wedwalt have been doing. Harry’s poker days contribute $5/ player directly to the lodge, on average that is $200/month. However, his wife Pam, is the true rainmaker for the lodge! Her passion to run the Friday night 50/50 return on average $650/month, Adding it all up, these activities generate more than $10,000/year back to the lodge. 

Our Wednesday dinner attendance have been growing now that Marie has settled into our full time cook. In fact on 14. Dec she served more than 55 people while the O’Brien’s entertained the crowd, the biggest dinner since Vinnie’s famous lasagna dinners. It appears that Marie’s talents are not just limited to outstanding bartending and cooking fantastic dinners, she also loves to bake. She has offered to add a homemade dessert to her Wednesday dinners! As part of the increase offering we will be raising the price for dinner for $9 to $10, effective immediately. By the way, there are rumors that Vinnie’s recipe is out there and perhaps will make a recurrence in the future….

The house committee is working hard to come up with more ways to improve our lodge and profitability. We are always looking for great ideas, and always welcome a helping hand.

Take care,


Veterans Commitee

Belinda Waller

The holidays are always fun getting together with family and friends. During this time of the year, as Elk’s we also try to share the joy with those that may not be able to be with friends and family. 

Les and I along with Paul and Cheryl Galligos delivered Christmas presents to veterans that have living quarters located at the VA. The director of the living quarters gave us a tour of the facilities. Besides living areas, they also have access to libraries, kitchen facilities, computer rooms, and game rooms. We enjoyed visiting with them. 

During the month of December we collected 250 pair of new socks, 192 pair of new underwear, and 54 new t-Shirts for the homeless Vets. 

Our POD continues to be filled with donated clothing, we take it out to the Vet’s and Elk’s fill it up again. THANK YOU!!! If you would like to help we count clothing the second Wednesday of each month at 1:00.  


Catalina Mountain Scores at State Soccer Shoot By Pat Cox

The State Soccer Shoot was held November 4, 2018 at Woods Elementary School in Tempe with an awards ceremony and lunch following at the Tempe Lodge. Two of the three District winners representing Catalina Mountain Lodge who attended the event won in their divisions. Johnathan Vegas placed 1st in the U-10 division and Cameron Ballard placed 2nd in the U-14 division. They both competed against other first-place winners in their age groups. Congratulations!  

WEBSITE News by Jim Beregi

Catalina Mountain Elks Lodge 2815

Now we have a new mailing system integrated with the Elk website. Also there are now two ways to call up the website: http://catalinaelks.com or https://elks2815.org/

If you would like to stop the mailing of the newsletter and view it online. Then  please click on the BUGLE in the page directory at the top part of the website.  On the BUGLE page you can view the Newsletter an if you want to stop the mailing fill out the form and SEND it. Thanks. 

Remember all emails from our lodge  will come from:
Catalina Mountain Elks Lodge 2815 email address:  elks2815@gmail.com  Please read them, Thanks.

Alane Asp and I are in the process of setting up the ability to take credit cards on the website for special events and dues. (it works, just need to workout the manual accounting process)

A new shared google calendar has also been setup with access from the website. The new calendar allows users to look at previous months as well as future months.  Look for it at the bottom of the first page.

Look for weekly emails for announcements and events. Remember to look for emails from:   elks2815@gmail.com with the subject “Elks Lodge 2815 News”.  

These changes should make it easy to communicate with our members. I am open to adding additional features as we move forward.