Wednesday Night Dinner

Feb 6th    King Ranch Chicken Casserole 

Feb 13th Lasagna 

Feb 20th Salisbury Steak on Noodles 

Feb 27th Grilled Pork Tenderloin  


Birthday Based Lottery Numbers

POWER BALL numbers

Number     Calculation

01 First date with more than two birthdays

02 Next date with only one birthday

25  Date with most birthdays or last ------- multiple birthday day

26  First date Plus the one with most  ----  birthdays or  69 plus 1 if  #  taken

51  Add the last two together  MAX69 or Minus 1 Power Ball  07

Total the number of dates with 3 people or more per date +/- 1 to  make different  max 26

Birthdays in February

Sorry no birthdays at the moment.  

Will try to get them.

Free Dinners FOR:

Feb 6th       Norman Beasley  

Feb 13th      William Hale  

Feb 20th     Michael Peattie 

Feb 27th     Corrine Peterson  

At the beginning of every month we draw a name from our membership list.



In February, Presidents, 

who we felt passed our tests, 

have faces on a monument 

because their toils impressed. 

We also ask a groundhog 

how long this winter lasts... 

even though just fools would throw 

a wager on a shadow cast. 

On Valentine’s our chances rise 

and all should try their luck. 

For what’s in store within amore 

can leave who vies awestruck.