Wednesday Night Dinner

Mar 6th BBQ Chicken Mar 

13th Pork Roast Mar 

20th Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo Mar 

27th Beef Bourguignon  


Birthday Based Lottery Numbers

POWER BALL numbers

Number     Calculation

07 First date with more than two birthdays

12 Next date with only one birthday

17  Date with most birthdays or last ------- multiple birthday day

24  First date Plus the one with most  ----  birthdays or  69 plus 1 if  #  taken

41  Add the last two together  MAX69 or -1

Power Ball  03

Total the number of dates with 3 people or more per date +/- 1 to  make different  max 26

Birthdays in March

01, Gary Adams, 

02, Ray Harrison, Lou Ann Schantz, 

04, Victoria Christopher, Kim McCullough, 

05 Edward Stroetz, Tom Teal, 

06 James O’Brien, 

07 Gail Baillargeon, Liza Chavez, Nichelle Herdrick, Jeffrey Osborn, Majorie White, 

09 Noah Goldstien, Robert Schiff, 

10 Ann Symanski, Jerry Wilkerson, 

11 Dan Drinkwitz, Robert Hollowell, Lous Phillippi, 

12 Dennis Anderson, 

13 Betty Cook, 

14 Ann Richardson,  

15 Monte Whitson, 

16 Timothy Loria, 

17 Al Abbott, Bec Garrett, Jolee Henley, Roger Mastro, John Pearl, Nancy Wood, 

19 Rose Weaver, 

20 John Mathwig, 

21 Jack Macy, 

22 Monty Derting, 

25 David Holmes, Ron Trudeau, 

26 Deborah Derting, 

27 Donald Molitor, 

28 Andrew Wilson, 

31 Robin Danielson  

Free Dinners FOR:

Mar 6th        Gerald Hedberg  

Mar 13th     Paul Swane  

Mar 20th     Michael Smith 

Mar 27th     Kenneth MacRae  

At the beginning of every month we draw a name from our membership list.



The Ides of March In March 

the Romans found one Ides their Caesar died quite violently. It is too late to now take sides, but many have through history. {For us, we need not fear the Ides, just learn to cope with that day’s tides.}