Wednesday Night Dinner

Aug 1st Chili Lime Chicken with Penna Pasta 

Aug 8th Meatloaf & Baked Potatoes 

Aug 15th Shrimp Pasta ala Amy 

Aug 22nd Pork Tenderloin & Hash Brown Potato  Casserole 

Aug 29th Baked Chicken & Noodles  


Birthday Based Lottery Numbers

POWER BALL numbers

Number     Calculation

06 First date with more than two birthdays

15  Next date with only one birthday

12  Date with most birthdays or last ------- multiple birthday day

18  First date Plus the one with most  ----  birthdays or  69 plus 1 if  #  taken

30   Add the last two together  MAX69 or Minus 1 Power Ball  05

Total the number of dates with 3 people or more per date +/- 1 to  make different  max 26

Birthdays in August

01 Larry Megahan, Sally Steele, 

02 Clyde Smith, 

04 Robert Heyn, 

06 Dwight Baum, Norman Benecke, David James, Thomas Wilson, 

08 Robert Flanagan, Robert Gaston, 

09 Glen Davis, Stephen Skinner, 

10 Charles Luce, Eden Omstead, 

11 Rec Hartwell, John Lowe, 

12 Tremain Albright, John Coffey, Barry Emerson, David Webster, 

14 John Cirelli, Alex Lopez, Carol Nixson, 

15 Steve Stuthard, 

17 Dwain Nelson, Nedra Riddell, 

19 Jeffery Perry, 

20 Johathan Johansen, Loy Phelps, Frances Roberts, 

21 Roland Leonard, David Shirey, 

22 David Bartholme, 

23 Cindy Baca, 

24 Curtis Stowell, 

25 Donald Brown, 

26 Terry Ford, 

27 Roger Hudson, Ronald Starjnski, 

28 Wesley Osborn, 

29 Frank Prokop, 

31 Harry Beatty, Melvin Bohnert, Belinda Waller.  

Free Dinners FOR:

Aug 1st      Laverne Jordal  

Aug 8th     Tracy Pones  

Aug 15th   Karen Hop 

Aug 22nd  Lloyd Busching 

Aug 29th   Michael Burk  

At the beginning of every month we draw a name from our membership list.



 Simmering Summers We have suffered the winds of May... our sinuses survived doomsday. But summers are hot, and we should not ever from the pool far stray.  


2018 Mid-Year Raffle is a brand spankin’ new John Deere Gator with a 14’ Big Tex trailer! This American Made beauty has a 586 liquid cooled engine, 26”tires, power steering, digital instruments, brush guard, winch package and cup holders.

Tickets are available at your lodge or on-line at

$5 each or 3 for $10. Thanks to Stotz Equipment in Willcox, AZ who gave us a great deal on this raffle prize. All proceeds benefit children, both at our Youth Camp and the UA Steele Children’s Research Center