Wednesday Night Dinner

Dec 5th   Manicotti 

Dec 12th  Meatloaf with Gravy 

Dec 19th  Enchiladas 

Dec 26th Pot Luck Favorite Recipe  


Birthday Based Lottery Numbers

POWER BALL numbers

Number     Calculation

03 First date with more than two birthdays

07 Next date with only one birthday

06  Date with most birthdays or last ------- multiple birthday day

09  First date Plus the one with most  ----  birthdays or  69 plus 1 if  #  taken

15  Add the last two together  MAX69 or Minus 1 Power Ball  06

Total the number of dates with 3 people or more per date +/- 1 to  make different  max 26

Birthdays in December

02 Michael Guinn, 

03 Paul Lampadius, Richard March, Olivia Peters, 

06 Stuart Fleisher, Robert Hoffman, Harold Jasper, Michael Smith, Donald Symanski, 

07 Gary Holt, 

08 Garland Smith, 

10 Paul Cartler, Joe Palmer, Eugene Pawlik, 

11 Madeline Black, Kenneth MacRae, Lynn Zink, 

13 Joseph Markwell, 

14 James Miller, 

15 Lupita Camacho, Frank Romero,  

18 Alane Asp, 

19 Linda Irwin, Rhiannon MacMahon, 

20 Robert Kelly, 

21 James Carver, Angela Durham, Robert Johnson, 

22 Erwin Rosener, 

23 Fred Gali, Brawnz Sportsman, 

25 Jacques Baillargeon, Lisa Holmes, 

27 John Grindley, Judith Humitz, 

29 James Disosola, 

30 Glen Alder, James Teschner, Ken Tilton, 

31 Frederick Peterson, Leslie Waller.  

Free Dinners FOR:

Dec 5th   Lupita Camacho  

Dec 12th  Lisa Holmes  

Dec 19th  Ron Trudeau 

Dec 26th Paul Galligos  

At the beginning of every month we draw a name from our membership list.



The Holiday Season

 Reflect on all the holidays you’ve shared throughout the years. How many found regrettable? Which ones bring blissful tears? Reflect on those made your heart swell and eves that were but hollow. You’ll find the difference came from you… if seeds you’d plant went fallow. The secret is in sharing with those that you hold dear, and feeling all the warmth and love from those you would have near.