Gloria Cisneros PER

Being Exalted Ruler definitely has some perks. One of my favorites is being one of the Officers representing our Lodge at the Arizona Elks Association State Convention in May. I think the word “Convention” has a popular misconception of being something you have to go to and it’s boring. If that is your thought as well, you should attend an Elk’s Convention, whether it is at the State or National level. These Conventions so inspire you to be a better Elk member. The people attending these are all there because they believe in the amazing things – we as Elks – can do to better the lives of so many. Our State Convention reminds us why we do what we do. You hear so many great progress reports from our State Committee chairs and you find yourself feeling revamped with enthusiasm and pride. One of my most favorite parts is the Exalted Ruler Walk. The Exalted Rulers from every Arizona Lodge get in line and present donations from their Lodge to Arizona Elks Major Projects. You will hear individual Lodge donations from amounts between $50 and $17,000. However, that is not what it is all about. You realize how much dedication and hard work each Lodge has committed to raise money for the Youth Camp and Steele Children’s Research Center. Once again, the big hearts of our fellow Elks is up front and center. There was over $81,000 collected in about 15 minutes to support these amazing projects. I was very proud to be able to hand over $2500 from our Lodge and would like to thank everyone who donated to Arizona Elks Major Projects directly and supported our fund raiser “Have A Heart” that was held in February. Your support means everything to all the children in both the Camp and Steele Center. We will be having the Grand Prize RAZR that is being raffled off at the October State Convention back at our Lodge September 23-30. Please come over and buy raffle tickets while it is here as this is also for Major Projects. 

The amazing Flag Day Ceremony is June 14th at the Lodge beginning at 10am. It will be followed directly by our Flag Retirement Ceremony that we do with the American Legion Post 132. You don’t want to miss this day as our Officers and Members perform a very touching tribute to our Nation’s Flag. 

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad and to all of you amazing men out there, you are all our heroes. 

I would also like to announce that we now know when our annual Dignitary visits will be happening. We will have the East Vice President, Dennis Appel and his Lady Deb from the Chandler Lodge, visiting September 21st and our South District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler, David Dean and his Lady Vickie from the Sierra Vista Lodge, will be here November 14th . These are incredible Elks and please show pride in our Lodge by coming in to meet them. We will have more information as the visits get closer. 

Thank you to all our Winter Visitors who have traveled back or are getting ready to. We appreciate your support and look forward to your return next year! Also, thank you in advance to our many members who are able to support all we do year round, we couldn’t do it without you all!  



Monty Derting

Greetings all! Well I must say that my first 6 weeks as Leading Knight has been interesting to say the least. It's been busy, fun, inspiring, and I've learned a lot already!! Made a few mistakes along the way, but with some wonderful guidance from our great leadership, I've learned and can push on. 

We had MY first District Deputy Clinic at our home Lodge, our very own District Deputy, Lee Cook made it a point to let every-one there know that our Lodge collected over $74,000 in clothing for our Veterans. 

Then came the Youth Awards... We had a full house with the youth and their families. Numerous scholarships were presented to these deserving young people from both the Grand Lodge and our own PER Association. Many thanks to our Scholarship Chairperson, Roger Mastro who does all the work behind the scenes for these great young people. Many thanks also go to PER Bob Kielsa and the PER Association for their generous donations for scholarships. 

I can't leave the Youth Awards without recognizing and thanking our Americanism Coordinator, Al Peterson for his work in reading all of the essays and having them recognized. And of course there's Lisa Chavez who was highly instrumental in putting it all together, and our wonderful volunteers from the House Committee who provided eats for all! 

Then there was the AEA State Convention where we were able to donate books for the Steele Children's Research Center plus donation to the AEMP  

We are Elks, this is what we do. 



Robert Kielsa PER

I’m happy to say, as of May 23rd, our lodge has generated $14,291 in men’s and women’s clothing, books and miscellaneous (small travel size) toiletries for the Southern Arizona VA Health Care. Our next collection date is Wednesday, June 12th at 1 PM on the back patio. 

We would like to remind all of our travelers, staying at motels while on their summer journeys, please save up and bring in all your unused mini toiletries for our homeless veterans.

In our May report I mentioned the need to help our homeless veterans as we head into our “HOT” summer months. I’m happy to report that we were able to collect and deliver to the vet homeless 18 undershorts and 39 pairs of socks. Thank you to all of our contributors! Our familiar green barrel will remain in the lounge for whatever you wish to contribute. 

During my last delivery to the Veterans building 90 I met a person who works for HUD - VASH, a program specifically designed to help veterans and their families transition into housing. These veterans receive food stamp; however, the stamps do not cover cleaning products. I was able to connect with the Program Coordinator of this program and she gave me the following list of supplies needed: Toilet Paper, Dish Soap, 3. Sponges, Wash Cloths, Laundry Soap, Paper Towels, Brooms, Mops, Dust Pans, Liquid Floor Cleaner, Small Trash Cans and Trash Bags. You may use the green barrel in the lodge for any donations you may be able to make. Or, if you prefer, you may drop big items off in the Veterans Pod in our parking lot. 

Dates to remember: You will have an opportunity to see two new veterans ceremony this year. The first is the POW/MIA ceremony on Friday, September 20th at 9 AM. The second ceremony will be on Veterans Day November 11th at 10 AM. Both events are open to the public. Mark your calendars, we have a welcome back luncheon scheduled for our Paralyzed Veterans on Saturday, July 27th. 

Co-Chairs, Belinda Waller and Bob Kielsa  



Robin Danielson PER

Seems like the weather can not decide what to do these days, Imagine 62 degrees on May 20th in Arizona? Gotta be that global warming. 

Now that most of the members have paid their Dues, things have somewhat slowed down in the Secretary’s’ office. whew. I would like to thank my husband Sig, for helping me with membership payments and getting cards sent out, during the busy time in April and May. Who knew that his retirement would pay off instead of him just being home all day? Thanks, Dear! But sad to say I had to lay him off. 

With that said we still have 62 members who have not paid as of yet. I encourage these members to take that few minutes to get this done and keep in good standing at the Lodge. (Please put Sig back to work) Note: there are no penalties for paying after April 1.  We are making the process much easier for members these days. We now have credit card payments available (just call the Lodge or call me at home if I am not there) or you can now pay by Pay Pal. Home: 825- 3300 

Did you know? You can receive your monthly newsletter via email. If this is something that would interest you, it is easy and painless to change. You can either call me or put a note for me (with email address) in my mail behind the bar. I will forward the information off to Jim Beregi, our web master and he will put you on his list.  

 Lodge Stats: 

Active members 531 

Initiated 10 

Transfers in 4 

Delinquents 6 

Deaths 1 

Average age 70.53