Robert Kielsa

As many of you have realized we had a computer glitch when we mailed out our membership renewal notices this year. Many members did not receive their paperwork and have not paid their dues for the 2018 - 2019 year. We ask that if you have not paid your dues, please call Robin Danielson or Alane Asp at 520-825-0893 to make arrangements for paying your dues. Many of you may not know but you now have the ability to use a credit card to pay your dues. Monday is the best time to call because they are both in the office. With a goal of reaching a headcount of 600 members, we can ill afford to lose 100 plus members due to a computer issue. 

As mentioned in previous articles in the Bugle, Jack Baillargeon, through his grant writing ability, and Jan Trudeau, through her hard work and recruitment ability, purchased, bagged and delivered $4,000 of food for our local community. Just shy of 30 members did some back breaking work to bag and deliver 430 bags, or 4,558 pounds of food to our local food bank! 

We have had a few of Sunday events take place in April with our bar Bingo and Poker. A new event, Trivia, was played and it proved to be a great deal of fun. In the trivia game, you may play as an individual, in pairs or as a multi person team. A team of two won the big prize of $45, the team of five won a cash prize of $25. 

As an FYI, I spent two days at our youth camp and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed. There were 15 men and women there working to clean the pine tree needles and leaves up. A patio was added and two (2) cabins were on schedule to be added. One cabin was going to be cut up and dropped in a hole and burned. The whole North section of the main kitchen was being framed in to enclose the washer, dryer and freezer from the elements. I was thoroughly surprised at the large number of lodges represented at the camp. The camaraderie was fun and the food was plentiful. Two group leaders came into the camp to assess the facilities and talk to our camp leaders about their plans for the groups they would be bringing up. I arrived at 11 AM and stopped working at 9 PM. We were shut down by the DNR rep from burning the next day so we kept heaping the needles on to the fire. Needless to say, I had no trouble sleeping that night! 

As an FYI, when we contribute to our Major Projects drive we are supporting the Steel Center for children and the Youth Camp for children. The sign in the dining room says it all “It’s children’s laughter we are really after”. 

I can tell, with the temps in the 80’s and 90’s, and the streets feeling emptier, that the snow birds left for home. I hope everyone had a safe and fun trip going home and I look forward to seeing all those “cool” people back in our lodge this Fall.  


Rob Weiss

As reported in April the Catalina Mountain Elks Lodge#2815 qualified for the Beacon and Anniversary Grants from our National organization. Jan Trudeau bought $4,000 of food from Frys foods for our local Impact organization. As you might guess, the number of our members who helped with buying the food, moving the food, bagging 430 bags of food, then moving and unloading 430 bags of food to the Impact buildings storage facility was huge! In all we moved 4,558 pounds of food: first, when we picked it up at the store; second, when we unloaded it into or meeting room; third, when we bagged it; fourth, when we loaded the trucks and trailer to move it to the Impact facility; and, fifth, from our trucks and trailer into the storage area. To say we were tired and thirsty after all that lifting and carrying is a gross understatement!  

A big thank you to Jack Baillargeon for securing the two grants, and to Jan Trudeau for organizing this huge food donation for our community.  


Steven Asp PER

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Robin Danielson PER

Dues, Dues, Dues  

Sometimes our life’s get busy, our jobs or our family distracts us, and we put things off that need to be done. Hey, we are all human.  

If your membership dues were not paid before April 1st, you are a delinquent member and you have lost your Lodge privileges. You must pay those dues to be able to be at the Lodge. Note: another Elk cannot sign you in to the Lounge. If you are one of these busy people, take the time to send a check to the Lodge for your dues or stop on by and say hello. Keep in mind that there are no penalty fees for paying late. Also keep in mind the  (under no obligation) extras for ENF, Major Projects, New Home Fund ,Scholarship Fund and the Veterans. 

Lodge Stats Beginning membership April 1, 2018: 507 

Current membership: 516 

Initiated: 8 

Affiliated: 1 

In Process to become members: 8 

Average Age: 70.31 

Delinquents: 93 

Please help me welcome our newest members. The following new members were in Initiated on April 27, 2018: 

Bill Ball, Don Brown, Jerry Gomalla, Elizabeth Sharipo, Mary Craden, 

Clyde Smith, Bruce Goldberg and Leonard Meyer. 

If you see these new members introduce yourself and make them feel welcome.  

The Arizona Elks Association could use your help!! At the District Deputy’s Clinic, the Secretaries were asked to get it out to the membership of each lodge asking for members to help defray the cost of the AEA monthly newsletter. If you are receiving this newsletter and have not paid your subscription fee, please help them out and do it today.