Robert Kielsa

I would like to thank all of our members who have sent in their annual dues. At the present, I believe the number of people who have not paid their dues is right around 50. For your convenience, our lodge is now set up to use credit cards to help you pay your dues. You may call Robin Danielson or Alane Asp at 520-825-0893 to make your payment over the phone, if you wish. 

State Elks Association reached a major milestone in 2017 of $7 million in contributions and committed to funding the Arizona Elks Endowed Faculty Research for Technology & Innovation. Lisa Chavez has committed to be the chairman of our Major Projects Committee. We are planning a tour of the Steel Center in mid July. If you’re interested in joining us on this tour, please give me a call at 520-825- 0240. 

June 14th was Flag Day and I’m happy to say Larry Meghan, and Jim Cox delivered a great program for us. As the Exalted Ruler I want to thank Larry and Jim for the well written program. As you know, not many plans go on without some type of an emergency. Well, we had ours, but because of the script, the practice sessions and our great officers, we delivered our program. Even though I’ve seen the ceremony a number of times, it is always fun to learn about our country’s flag and to honor it! A big thank you to Alane Asp for the food that was served. 

Please remember a major goal I have for the lodge this year is an increase in membership. When you’re interacting with friends, neighbors and acquaintances, ask yourself if you think they would be a good addition to our lodge? If so, bring them in to get a look at us and talk to us. 

About the time this edition of the Bugle is delivered to you, Phyllis and I will be in San Antonio, Texas for the National Convention. I had the opportunity, because of work in my previous life, of visiting San Antonio but failed to see the Alamo. I’m going to try hard to see it on this trip. 

I’m sorry to say Rob Weiss was too sick to take on the office of Esteemed Leading Knight and he asked me to declare the position vacant. On June14th I did just that and opened the office up for nominations. I’m happy to report that Gloria Cisneros was nominated for the Leading Knight position. Unfortunately Rob passed away on June 19th. Catalina Mountain Elks Lodge #2815 has lost a wonderful man who was full of love, and who lived the life of a good Elk. Rob Cared and he Shared! God be with you Rob!  



Steven Asp PER

You know one of the major charges the Elks take on is taking care of our countries military veterans. Have you ever heard of the Honor Flight program? Southern Arizona has an Honor Flight program designed to honor World War II and Korean war veterans. It is a three-day trip to Washington DC to visit the WW II Memorial plus the Korean Conflict Memorial. Airfare, lodging, food and ground transportation is all included for a $1000 per veteran fee. Each veteran travels with a Guardian who is responsible to help the vet with any needs they may have. Unfortunately, Guardians cannot be spouses. I personally know through my American Legion contacts several vets and Guardians who have made this trip and they attest that is a great experience. 

Why am I telling you this? The PERA wants to sponsor one of our members to take an Honor Flight trip. I’m confident we have several Korea area veterans as members and we may even still have a WWII vet amongst us. Please let us know if you are interested because we would like to send you to Washington DC.  


Robin Danielson PER

Keep those dues payments coming in !! from last month’s newsletter article till this article approx. 20 members have paid their delinquent dues. It is never too late to pay, please remember there are no penalties for paying late. 

A good time to come down and pay those dues is on our Queen of Hearts Night, on Fridays. As of this week the Queen is still alive and well. Come on down pay those dues, take a chance on the Queen and visit with fellow Elks. It is an evening of fun for all.  

AEA Major Projects. Have you gotten your Raffle Tickets yet? The lucky winner will win a John Deere XUV 5094 S4 Gator. A donation of $5.00 gets you a chance to win or 3 for $10.00. There are also 4 cash prizes ranging from $100.00 to $500.00. The drawing will be held on Oct 20th at the AEA midyear convention. The tickets are behind the bar in the Lounge, so get yours today!! 

As the heat keeps getting hotter, come on down to the Lodge and have a cold beverage or a burger, the air conditioner is working well. For those of you who like the great outdoors, the mister system and the fans on the patio, do keep that area a bit cooler. 

Howdy to all the Snow Birds that are lucky enough to have left and gone to a cooler place for the summer. You are all missed at the Lodge.  

 Lodge Stats Current membership: 522

Initiated: 13 

Affiliated: 4 

Absolute Demits 1 

Deaths 2 

In Process to become members: 4

Average Age: 70.37 

Delinquents: last month 61, this month 49