Gloria Cisneros PER

I hope that each and every one of you and your families had a very Merry Christmas and rang in the New Year with a bang. 

Our volunteers that put on the Lodge level Hoop Shoot had an interesting day on December 14th and proved once again why we are such a strong Lodge. The school forgot show up to open the gym for our group at 8am so it was panic time since there were kids and parents ready to shoot in the parking lot with us. We thought about where to move it – outside – and had an idea until once again Kayla Hudson (11 year old volunteer) saved the day. She let us know that there was an outside court around the side of the school. Lo and behold we took a little hike over and even though there were no nets on the baskets, it was totally usable. The parents and kids were so understanding to our predicament which made it so much easier! We ended up having the most beautiful morning possible with warm temperatures and a beautiful mountain background for our photos. Great teamwork by our amazing Chairman, Lisa Chavez, and all the volunteers to get this fun event done, thank you all so much! I am proud to announce that we will have two young men representing our Lodge at the District Hoop Shoot on January 6th. I will update the membership in next month’s article. 

Special Olympics Chair, Alane Asp, has coordinated a movie day for 45 special needs kids from the Jewish Community Center in which they will get to see the new Star Wars movie. I have attended this movie day before and the kids have such an amazing time and it warms your heart to see the joy on their faces. Yet another example of our Lodge’s wonderful involvement in the community. 

If you look on the Lodge calendar, you will see the Steele Children’s Research Center Tour on January 15th at 10am. We want to have members tour the facility before our AZ Elks Major Projects fund raising event called Have a Heart on February 1st. We would like any member who has never been to this amazing facility to please take the time to see what their donations support. To observe the medical advancements that occur at this facility is truly unbelievable. This Center is responsible for many cures and treatments for children’s diseases throughout the World and I promise that you won’t be disappointed on this tour. Please be no later than 9:45 as we will take off promptly at 10am in groups of 7. Address is 1501 N Campbell Avenue. Park in the main hospital parking lot and enter Hospital entrance (not Children’s Hospital). Use main elevators to go to 3 rd floor. Our annual Have a Heart Fundraiser will be held February 1st and you can sign up at the Lodge.  




Monty Derting

Greetings all, The Holidays are over and I hope that they were enjoyable for all, and that everyone is safe. Now that the calendar year is over, we, as Elks, need to remember that our commitment doesn't stop here! All 0f the wonderful work and the generosity that our members have put forth has assisted and helped many, many of our fellow people who were in need and perhaps not as fortunate as us. There are entirely TOO many Coordinators and Elks who have worked behind the scenes for me to mention here, but we certainly thank you ALL for your generosity and hard work. The Elks wouldn't be who we are without you! We recently learned that our Lodge has been so charitable with their donations to the Elks National Foundation that our Lodge is currently # 1 in the District and #3 in the State! This happens only because of you, our wonderful Members. But, as Elks, we don't stop here, or even slow down. There are some new things coming up which gives us opportunities to continue our great work. 

Of special note: Due the hard work of Dan Bradshaw, and the great grant writing of Jack Baillargeon our Lodge received a grant from the Grand Lodge to the tune of $2000 in a Spotlight Grant to assist our Veterans in need!! Dan is the "Spearhead" of this event, and there will be much more information coming out. Our Lodge has enough Veterans who can step up and do everything we can to show our support for our fellow Vets in need. "Vets for Vets". We also need to remember that the annual children's Easter Shopping spree is not too far away, so keep your eyes and ears open for the ways you all can assist in helping some of our needy children out!! 

Always, Elks care Elks Share!! 



Robert Kielsa PER

A big thank you to all our members who have helped our lodge by playing the Queen of Hearts. Please join us for our Friday night get together and cheering for our weekly winners. Our total pot is pushing $7,000 right now! 

The PER’s discussed the need to plan for our 20th anniversary celebration next October, the possibility of obtaining an Elroy costume, the lodge satisfaction survey results, investigation into a Foster Care issue and the use of a new banner we received from national headquarters. 

We voted to cover the costs of sending a group of 75 special needs children and Special Olympians with their caretakers to see the new Star Wars movie on January 6th. 

Monty Derting informed us that his Exalted Ruler initiation will take place on Saturday, March 28th at 12 noon.  



Robin Danielson PER

Was that guy in the red suit good to all? I hope all you good Elks out there had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe bringing in of the New Year. 

I forgot to mention in last month’s newsletter article, but not to worry there is still time. A former member can reinstate and get back on the rolls for only $1.00 (plus any pro-rated dues) in the months of December and January. If any of our members know of a former member that would like to reinstate, now would be a good time. I would be glad to assist at any time to get a former member back. 

FYI I am a little over a month away from sending out the letters for your new membership dues for the 2020-2021 Lodge year. You will notice a $2.00 increase for Grand Lodge Assesments. This is not an increase of our dues. This and any State (not sure on that one yet) increases will be spelled out for you on the statement. These letters will be in your mail box by the middle of February. 

Lodge Stats 

Membership 559 

Initiated 38 

Affiliated 12 

Reinstated 4 

Average age 70.86 

Transferred Out 7 

Deaths 5 

Delinquents 31 

Applications in progress 9