Robert Kielsa

Well the last two months of my office look like they are turning out to be quite busy. Our lodge is going to try two new initiatives to gain in our membership. We will be holding an Open House on Sunday, February 17th from 1 to 4 PM. If you have friends or relatives who might wonder what the Elks are all about, either send them or bring them to the lodge for the Open House. We plan to have six (6) tables set up with trifold boards identifying various aspects of our local activities and structure. We will also have one table set to explain our national organization. Our second effort to expand our membership will be the use of (3) Focus groups. I will give you a report on the results of both efforts in my last ER message in March. 

I’ve been asked why do we want to increase our membership when we have limited space in our lodge (lounge) now. Basically more members represent: new ideas, more manpower for projects, diversity of thought, additional money from dinners and parties, help for our charity work and money from our lounge sales. The addition of members will also help us pay for our lounge expansion. We have two more infrastructure steps we need to address before we start any construction, the Development Plan and the Fire Hydrant. 

I am hoping we can make a decision on a new cash register in the next couple of weeks. If we are able to do that we may have a chance at having the machine up and running before our snow birds leave for their summer homes. Along with a new cash register we may also be able to start using credit cards in the lounge. The problem is getting the right machine that works with our accounting system and a low service charge for processing transactions. Lets keep our fingers crossed!  


 Gloria Cisneros PER

Gloria Cisneros PER

As the incoming Exalted Ruler, it is hard to believe that there are only two months left before my year begins! Once again, seeing all the amazing charity work that our Lodge does every month is inspiring. Even with the Holidays being over, there are many opportunities coming up this month to be Charitable To All Mankind. 

On February 23rd is our 1st annual “HAVE A HEART” fundraising event. This will be a fun filled night for an amazing charity, Elks Major Projects. The Arizona Elks Major Projects does many wonderful things for kids. In 1992, the Arizona Elks Association adopted the Steele Children’s Research Center as a “Major Project”. Since then, Arizona lodges have contributed more than $6.8 million dollars to them. Studying and developing answers to our children’s ailments is a must for our future and that is what we are helping to accomplish. At our event, there will be raffles, ribs and live music! Please see the flier in this month’s Bugle to sign up and help us raise money for this very important charity. 

Another great opportunity to volunteer your time this month is the Stuff A Bag for Impact of Southern Arizona being held February 26th. Trust me, you will feel really great about yourself knowing that you were a part of helping to ease a family’s distress by your act of kindness. “It is one of the beautiful compensations of this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.” — Charles Dudley Warner (Fifth Study, 1872) 


The 2019-2020 Elk’s year is fast approaching which means it is nomination time for new Lodge Officers. This event will take place at the first monthly meeting being held Thursday, February 14th at 7 PM. Members will be nominated for 8 available positions at this meeting. I have really wonderful members being nominated to be these Officers with me and I truly appreciate their willingness to come on board for what will be yet another amazing year at Catalina Mountain Elks. This meeting is usually an entertaining one as it is conducted by our Past Exalted Rulers so please attend if you have never been to one. When the nominees are voted in, the Officer Installation Ceremony will take place Saturday March 30th beginning at 11:30 AM.  



Steven Asp PER

 Regarding our current Queen of Hearts game, I am happy to report that as of this writing the Queen, as well as several high paying cards, are still hiding out amongst a remaining twenty-three cards. We have had several $50. And $100. winners lately, but the big percentage cards are still available. Also, the pot is now almost $13,000. Friday nights are quite fun now with pretty good-sized crowds present for the drawing. If you haven’t been there, you should check it out. 

The PERA’s share of the Queen of Hearts fund is still growing. We have a considerable amount of money available for charitable donations and Lodge maintenance or improvements. We did spend a little of it for a case to protect the new Alter Cloth which we recently bought. WE also approved funding for the upcoming Open House the ER Bob is planning. You will read more about that in other articles.  



Robin Danielson PER

It is hard to believe that a month of the New Year has come and gone. I am looking forward to spring and some warmer weather. With Spring, comes dues time. I will be sending out the due’s notices in the middle of the month. Please include the bottom portion with your payment, so we in the office know whether to send your card in the mail or leave it in the lounge. You can pay your dues via credit card. Please make sure that all the information is filled in on the form as required. 

There is still time to pay your current dues if they are not paid. To those members that are still getting this newsletter, please consider paying to avoid being dropped at the end of March. 

Please help me welcome our newest members. TJ Altamirano, Michael Gusan and George Gustafson were Initiated on January 10, 2019. Morris Coville and Nancy Odson were initiated on January 24, 2019. Charles Cowan reinstated his membership. If you see these new members at the Lodge, say hello and make them feel welcome. 

Lodge States                                                                              Deaths

Membership 532                                                                     

Initiated 29                                                                                    

Affiliated 10                                                                                

 Transfers: 1  

Absolute Demits 3

Deaths 11                     

Delinquents 40

Lapsation rate 8.28 % 

Life Members 78

Average age 70.64

In progress to become members 6