Gloria Cisneros PER

 I would like to report that our Lodge was represented proudly at the District Hoop Shoot on January 6th. Both our shooters fell short of making it to the State Level but brought home a third and fourth place. These kids did an amazing job and it was an honor to watch them compete. 

Special Olympics Chair, Alane Asp, coordinated a movie day for special needs kids from the Jewish Community Center and wow was that fun! These young men and women were so sweet and friendly as they came up and shook our hands and they introduced themselves with huge smiles on their faces. Due to some health concerns for some attendees, we were split into two groups so some got to see Star Wars while others saw Spies in Disguise. I love animated movies so I was thrilled to see the latter. It was a very satisfying start to my day to be able to be a part of making their day so special. Thank you so much Steve and Alane Asp for your hard work on making this event so meaningful. 

Our tour of the Steele Children’s Research Center did not disappoint once again. There is no way to put into words the impact that Arizona Elks Major Projects has on research on the diseases affecting the children of today. The Arizona Elks have donated a lot of money for many different aspects of this Center, and to actually see the microscopes, spectrometers, specialized software, etc that make amazing discoveries that can help cure so many illnesses is quite moving. Thank you goes out to Lisa Chavez, our Major Projects Chairperson, for organizing our tour and also to all those that attended. We are so blessed to have one of the scientists attending our annual Have a Heart Fundraiser on February 1st to show you how his passion becomes reality with your donations to Arizona Elks Major Projects. I know this event will be successful and I hope many of you will be able to sign up for a fun and educational evening. 

The first Lodge meeting held February 13th will be run by the Past Exalted Ruler’s Association and it will surely be entertaining. This will be Lodge Officer nomination night as well so if you’d like to know who will be signing up to be your 2020-2021 fearless leaders, come on down and attend! 

February 29th will be our Lodge Open House event. PER, Bob Kielsa, and his group of volunteers did an amazing job in our inaugural year last year so we are going to continue it on. If you have family members or friends that would like to find out more about what the Elks do – in a non pressure atmosphere – please let them know and better yet, load them up and drive them down. The event will run from 1-3 with refreshments available.

I wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day!  



Monty Derting

Greetings to all my fellow Elks!! 

Well, I am close to ending my tenure as Leading Knight. I do have to say that it has been fun, enlightning and very fulfilling. As the presumptive Exalted Ruler for the 2020-2021 year I have had the luxury of having our GREAT current ER Gloria Cisneros to guide me, train me (maybe), and chastise me from time to time (yep). And of course there's my Guru, Jack Baillargeon, who will just quietly give me words of wisdom from time to time. Then we are also lucky to have Alane Asp as our Leading Knight for 2020-2021!!!! This Lodge, you members, volunteers, are so AWESOME!!! With all of the work and hearfealt "can do" attitude YOU are not only helping all of the people who are less fortunate than us, and showing that Elks really do CARE, but you are also showing the District and the State that our Lodge truly stands for what the Elks and Elkdom are all about. Please keep this in your hearts and know that we, each and everyone of us, are doing the right thing!! 

HELP WANTED!!!   Approaching the 2020-2021 year quickly, there are two Officer positions that are required to be filled. Treasurer: Hopefully accounting or booking experience, will be well trained by none other than the State Treasurer, with plenty of back up!!!! Lecturing Knight: This is a "Chair" position as one of the four Chairs. One of the best starting positions for anyone desiring to become an Officer. All interested, PLEASE conact me at ph: 520-784-1883 for more information. 

I thank you all for all of your wonderful work and generosity!!!! Monty  



Robert Kielsa PER

A big thank you to all our members who have helped our lodge by playing the Queen of Hearts. Please join us for our Friday night get together and cheering for our weekly winners. Our total pot is pushing $8,000 now! 

The PERs received some information on the process and cost for purchasing an Elroy costume. Further communications need to take place before any decision will be made. Our investigation into a Foster Care program will be carried over to our March meeting. Gloria advised the group of a plan to securely mount our banner received from National on the building. Steve reported on the successful event taking 75 special needs children and care takers to the new Star Wars movie. It was wonderful to hear how great the theater in Oro Vally Market Place was when a problem was brought up. We found that a number of our guests had the potential to have seizures from the many and constant flashing of lights in the movie. The theater immediately provided another theater and movie for our guests. That was a well spent $750! 

The PERs developed a plan for the February 13th lodge meeting. This meeting is where all officer nominations are made, so this particular meeting is run by the PERs. If you haven’t been to a nominations meeting please join us at 7 PM on Thursday, February 13th. 




Robin Danielson PER

I have had several members inquire about paying their dues for the next Lodge year. Please bear with me for a few weeks until I get set up and ready to process those dues payments. The membership Committee and myself will be getting together soon and get the dues invoices ready and sent to all you “Good Elks”. 

FYI You will notice a $2.00 increase for Grand Lodge Assessments. The State assessments will remain the same at $2.50. This is not an increase of our dues. Life dues will be $53.50. Regular dues will be $86.50. This will be spelled out for you on the statement. These letters will be in your mail box by the middle of February. 

Please help me welcome our newest members. John Trapp lll, Steven Sickinger and James Hannah were Initiated on January 9th. Hanna Harpold, Cynthia Ford and Katherine Smith were Initiated on January 23rd. If you see these new members at the Lodge, shake their hand and introduce yourself. 

Reminder: ALL COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS. It is getting to that time of year that I need to start finalizing the Charity Book. If you had an event and did not report it to me, please get those reports to me ASAP, so I don’t have to scramble to get my book caught up in the last week. 

Lodge Stats 

Membership 569 

Average age 70.66 

Transferred Out 7 

Deaths 6 

Initiated 44 

Affiliated 16 

Reinstated 5 

Delinquents 31 

Applications in progress 8