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Catalina Mountain elkS 2019 Survey Results Report

By Bob Kielsa

I would like to first thank all our lodge members who completed our 2019 Catalina Mountain Elks Lodge #2815 Satisfaction Survey! Your feedback has painted a picture of your likes, dislikes and suggestions that your lodge officers can work with for future decision making about our lodge. Again, thank you all!

Similar to retailers you may shop at, you receive surveys after your purchase to measure your level of satisfaction with the shopping process. Why do these companies take this step….it is so you will continue to shop at their store. To make sure you return they want to know what went well and what negatively impacted your visit to their store or internet transaction.

The Catalina Mountain Elks Lodge #2815 began their survey process by including the double sided one page survey and self addressed envelope with the October Bugle mailing. Because our policy is to send one Bugle to a home, extra surveys were left at the lodge lounge for those who did not receive a survey with the Bugle mailing. 

To calculate the average score for each item we added up the total of the individual ratings for each question and divided by the number of participants who answered each rating question. For example 55 total participants had a total score of 238 points so we divided 238 by 55, the number of participants, for an average score of 4.3.

When reading the results of the survey please take into consideration that scores in the 1 and 2 range are the areas that need our attention. The 4 and 5 scores tell you that you’re doing well in these areas. The score of “3” is an average score, and is acceptable but might need more attention and planning than a 4 or 5 score.

On the following page you will see that not one of our ratings is below a 3, and 6 are at 3.85 or above! 

A very special thank you goes out to Kayleen Borah for her very quick and accurate documenting of all the completed surveys. You’re terrific Kayleen!

I have to say, for as many times I have done a survey like this, I have never seen one quite so positive! However, there are nuggets of information that, if addressed effectively, will only add to the positive culture of our lodge!

I apologize for the length of this report, normally I would condense the written portion of the report. But I have found it important that people receiving their first survey feedback report to see their own comments so they know their input has been received and incorporated in the findings! 

A big thank you goes out to the 16% of our membership who responded to our request for feedback!

As you saw there are two separate parts in the survey, the rating portion and the written segment. Each area provides a different look at the perceived condition, or satisfaction, of our lodge as seen by our membership. 

The rating portion can be compared to a report card and the progress we have made in the rated areas. You could compare it to your child receiving a 4.5 or a B+ as a grade for a class. Our 4.65 rating for total satisfaction is a great score, and all our employees and volunteers who interact with our members should be recognized for their immense contribution to this rating! Along with that, our membership should be recognized for their respectful and courteous interactions with each other. But then that’s what Elks do, isn’t it?

Where you really learn about the wants and needs of your membership is in their written responses, especially questions #15 and #17. In those open ended questions we typically learn what exactly is important to them. 

Action Items For Consideration

(Responses To Written Comments)

1. Volunteers needed: Volunteers have been a huge part of our financial success as a lodge. We do need    volunteers desperately so we don’t burn out those that presently volunteer. If any member is interested    in volunteering , please send Paul Slater an email at and leave a message with    your contact information.  

2. On 9/11 we feed firefighters, why not our police officers: This is an event that needs 

      to be brought to our ER and House Committee for discussion. 

3. Improved disability parking: This is a matter for the board of directors.

4. Clean up the vial language in the bar and patio: This is something that all 

      members need to address, inappropriate language is just that inappropriate 

      and we need to police ourselves in this matter!

5. Background music and better speakers: Another issue for the House Committee.

6. Dancing and lighting: Another issue for the House Committee.

7. Better selection of wines: Another issue for the House Committee.

8. More Events: Another issue for the House Committee.

9. Too much business is conducted in the lodge: I have to say I have been guilty of 

      this behavior. The problem is that many times we see someone (from whom we can 

      get a quick answer to a question) because we can’t connect during the week. 

10. Name tags for better interaction between members: House Committee issue.

11. Have an annual membership meeting off site to review all programs, needs, issues 

        and expenditures: Exalted Ruler issue.

12. Lodge building issues: There were 59 comments referring to the need for 

        renovations, expansion, building a new facility or parking in the survey: This is a 

        well known issue with the Board of Directors and is on their agenda at this time. 

       Future comments on this issue will come from our Board of Directors. 

OK what happens now? I will make sure all of our officers, PER’s, House Committee members and Board of Directors receive a copy of this report. I believe there will be future communications to the membership on these matters from the appropriate governing bodies! The suggestions submitted for the House Committee have been discussed at their December monthly meeting. You will hear more about that from Paul Slater. 

With the preponderance of all the ratings being so positive, there is a chance some members will say OK “we don’t need to do anything more”. Please fight that notion, because our lodge is not “perfect”. We can continue to improve our membership satisfaction by continuing to manage our interactions with each as we have done so well in the past! Our various leadership bodies need to continue to manage members expectations and provide clear organizational communications on plans, goals and accomplishments. 

Again, a huge thank you as well as congratulations to our employees and membership on such outstanding survey results. 

You will find a complete copy of both the rating summary and the written responses on our web lodge site at…

If you have someone in mind, you think would be a good Elk, this Satisfaction Survey Report might be a good tool to help them understand how our members 

feel about our lodge. 





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